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Now, If you asked me just over a year ago if I would ever talk to somebody on the internet I would have said “No way” – Too many bad things happen to people who have friendships and relationships online. I still think that now, and even though I have the story I am about to share I would never speak to anyone online again – I think I got lucky!

So here goes; At one point last year I was insanely obsessed with a so called “celebrity” Sam Pepper (this is no longer the case but that is for a blog another time) and I heard that he was doing a tour in the US. Therefore I searched the hashtag ‘WDGAF’ (The name of their tour) and watched some videos of them up on the stage and photos of them doing their thing. I then went onto the meet and greet photos and after scrolling through I found a photo of a girl who met both Sam and Maz. I was so jealous that I commented saying just that. And to my astonishment she replied. That was the first time (and probably the last) that I had ever made contact with a stranger online. It was weird but intriguing at the same time – We chatted on twitter for a while and I really enjoyed talking to her but I suddenly remembered the inappropriate responses that could happen having watched the series ‘Catfish’ and reading stories on the news and asked to Skype – so that I knew it was her. And to my luck – it was!!

Ever since then, we haven’t stopped talking. That one first Skype call may have been slightly awkward but hey, how can it not be awkward when two strangers are talking for the first time!? After that ‘1st call’ when I knew that she was ‘a real person’ (to my relief) we chatted for hours on end about life in two different worlds as it seemed. At first life in the UK seemed so different to life in the US but as I got to know her that wasn’t the case. We may have differences – I am tall, she is short// I use pounds, she uses dollars// I call it ready meal, she calls it ‘TV dinner’ (still can’t get over that one) but when I think about it – we are no different, both teenage girls living their lives.. just living 3833 miles apart.

Sometimes I like the fact that we live so far away from each other – The ‘late night’ Skype calls for me to the ‘early morning’ Skype calls for her. The Skype calls that go on for 3 hours and it feels nothing like that! I also love sending her letters, with Facebook and Skype these days there is no need to send letters but Amy and I have definitely found it fun – especially if it arrives with foreign ‘candy’ as she calls it. It is so exciting. It is crazy to think that even though we have never met in person – we have known each other for nearly a year now – The first time I messaged her was on the 26th January 2014 and it is soon to be the 26th of January 2015.

It doesn’t seem to me like I have only known Amy for a year – it feels like I have known her for my whole life. I could message her with any problem or upset at any time of the day and she would reply with either something really helpful – or laugh at me (if it isn’t serious). She has also introduced me to my love of ‘MikeAndIke’s which I will be ever grateful for and has even introduced me to her sister who is amazing also. I’ve spent many nights talking to the both of them on Skype, laughing, joking, singing and talking about a time when we will meet – will we be 30,40,50?

What I am pretty much trying to sum up is that I chose the best instagram photo of the millions and millions posted around the world to comment on and I am so so lucky to have someone like Amy in my life!! It has been amazing to know Amy for a year and I hope for many more years to come! Love you Amzz!!


I’m of, Beth x

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