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I am really not good at this whole writing thing but I really wanted to try something different that I could do in my spare time as well as all of the the other pointless things that I do e.g. procrastination!

I kind of feel like this is different to procrastinating because it is not as if I am gaining nothing from it, I mean in years to come at least I will have something to look back on and remember all of my teen years. Yes, thats what i’ll do, use this as a kind of diary, a kind of journal of my life that might not even be interesting to most people but to me it means something!

So, as a first blog post comes to an end I would like to inform that it is currently 2.36am and as a typical teen I am still sat in bed, eyes glued to my laptop screen wide awake. But that’s the way it is for us teenagers, we don’t want to go to sleep then don’t want to wake up, you’ve heard it all before I’ve no need to tell you!


I’m off, Beth x

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