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Everyone has their own secrets, some bigger than others. Some personal and sad, some, people don’t want known but others are small beauties held close to the heart of the person who is keeping it – mine is the latter. A secret that I want to share with the world yet I want to keep it all to myself. What you might ask? It’s the ocean. Not the ocean as a whole, but a small part of it that is very close to my heart. It’s the place I first found my love for photography, the place I feel at peace and happy, My secret little beach, no one is ever on it (except for the occasional dog walker) and it is the most peaceful place I know. My little secret.

It is very easy to forget the things that you have around you every day. For example – people who live in hot countries don’t appreciate the sun, people who have big families don’t appreciate the love, for me – I find that I don’t appreciate the one thing that some people have never seen with their own eyes. The beautiful ocean.

Where I live is on the very coast and is a maximum 10 minute walk to the big public beach with a big promenade and views to die for – but for me I have a special little beach that I first discovered a few summers ago. A little walk over the cliff top took me to an area I had never been to before and after climbing and jumping down some rocks i found myself on a little beach that had nobody on it and the views were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I just sat there with my friend throwing rocks into the ocean as our feet were being tickled by the cold icy water (even in the summer) The thing is – that was a few years ago and ever since I haven’t been. So yesterday I took another friend to show her the beauties of the beach and I suddenly realised how much I missed it.

We ran around throwing rocks up as high as we could and as far as we could and I felt like I was walking on clouds – It was total bliss. I found that it was even more beautiful in the winter time as it was in the summer as the cold breeze reddened our noses and we walked along the edge of the beaches the sun was setting behind the cliff. As the sun was setting I took some shots of this beautiful place. It made me realise how the natural beauties of the world are what you need to be doing in your spare time – not wasting time in bed or watching movies. I need to appreciate my beautiful surroundings more often!!

rsz_img_1320 rsz_img_1230  rsz_img_1309 rsz_img_1318

Side note: Some shots I took on my adventures.


I’m off, Beth x

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