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As I have been talking to my friend in Chicago, USA it has become clear to me that the life of an american teenager is so different yet so similar to that of a UK teenager, i.e me. And I know that in Chicago it snows a lot and that is very different to other states but here in the UK we have one weather all year round – rain – and to be honest, sometimes I like the rain, I like not being able to go outside because the minute you step out of the door you may as well have not even bothered to shower but when it is nearly all year round, you get a bit fed up of turning up at school looking like a drowned rat..

Weather isn’t the only difference that I have noticed. It’s the tiny little things that seem to make such a difference. For example, here in the UK I am in year 11, but in the USA I would be known as a Sophmore, and exams are completely different and the accents are completely different and most importantly the sweets (candy).

I have to say that British chocolate is sooo much better than american. It is so much more creamy and sweeter, its amazing. But I do really like the american candy like sour patch kids and things like that.

One thing that is definitely different is boys. American boys always seem so much hotter and sound so much nicer, boys here just get drunk and talk about football, soccer that is.

But to be honest all of the differences between americans and brits don’t matter – because teenagers are teenagers and that’s that.


I’m off, Beth x

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